Worship & Arts

"Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together!" 

Worship through music is an integral part of a church's worship experience, enhancing the spiritual journey of its members and creating an atmosphere where individuals can connect with God and each other on a deeper level.


The Choir is an integral part of the musical worship at Matthews Church of God. The Choir sings weekly in Sunday Morning & Evening Worship Services and at Special Events throughout the year.
The Praise Team meets at 9:50 am and after choir rehearsal.  
  • Choir: 10:20am and 5:15 pm
  • Media team meets at 9:30 am and 5:15 pm
  • Musicians meet at 9:50am and 5:15pm
Choir Rehearsal is at 5:15 pm on Sunday evenings
The Choir is open to anyone ages 16 and up.

Musicians & Music Team Leaders

From Miriam's Tambourine to David's Harp, to the Trumpets at the dedication of The Temple, instrumental worship has been an important part of the life and worship of God's people from Genesis onward.
Our musicians are an integral part of our worship, everything from keyboard, to organ, to drums, to the bass. The purpose of those who lead in worship is not to produce an emotional experience, but to acknowledge God’s singular worthiness to be worshiped. Most worship leaders are musicians of some kind, whether vocal or instrumental, and their primary role is to lead the other musicians/singers that are involved in the service. It is the responsibility of the worship leader to ensure that it is not the music, nor the instruments, nor the presentation, nor the voices which are the focus of the worship service. Worship is bowing humbly before God and exalting Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. The responsibility of the worship leader is to become less, that Jesus Christ can become more. And when all of this is done, when hearts are humble before Him, His people are ready to receive, and be changed by, the focal point of the worship service—His glorious and living Word.


The Media Team plays a critical role in helping the congregation engage in worship together. The Media Team is comprised of three areas:
  • The Media Team oversees media and lyric projection as well as lighting.
  • The Livestream Team manages Livestream video and audio production.
  • The Sound Team works to craft an engaging sound environment.