Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people...

Galatians 6:10

The outreach ministry of Matthews Church of God serves as a dedicated embodiment of the church's commitment to spreading love, compassion, and support beyond its immediate congregation. This ministry reflects the church's belief in the transformative power of faith in action and the importance of reaching out to those in need, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We need your help.

In the spirit of unity and compassion, we have a remarkable opportunity before us. Together, we can create a positive and lasting impact on the town we call home. Outreach extends beyond mere charity; it's a profound act of building bridges and sowing the seeds of kindness. As we extend our hands to our neighbors, we reflect the core essence of our faith, the boundless love that defines us as a congregation.
Imagine the collective strength we possess to alleviate the burdens of those who are struggling. By offering our support, we not only provide material aid but also remind others that they are not alone in their challenges. Every extended hand can be a lifeline, every shared moment of empathy a glimmer of hope.

Bright Blessings

Bright Blessings is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing joy, care, and support to homeless and impoverished children and their families. Founded in 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bright Blessings seeks to provide these children with meaningful experiences and essential resources to improve their well-being and quality of life. 

Common Heart

Common Heart is a non-profit organization that focuses on addressing poverty and improving the lives of individuals and families in need, primarily in the Union County region of North Carolina. Established in 2006, Common Heart is committed to creating a sense of community and providing practical assistance to those facing challenging circumstances. 

Children's Home

The Church of God Children's Home is a place to cultivate the hearts and minds of children in need so they may grow into productive members of society. The children's home provides a positive and safe living environment for kids who have lived their lives in less than suitable environments where they were left unattended, abused, neglected and at risk for falling into dangerous lifestyles.