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Matthews Church of God Matthews Church of God

Photo Gallery: Special Guests Photo Gallery: Special Guests

Special Guests
David West

Guest Chalk/Artist

Viewed 244 times
Pastor Bill Phipps

Guest Speaker

Viewed 278 times
Dr. Tom & Betty Tatum

Guest Speaker

Viewed 269 times
Jason Hunt

Musical Guest

Viewed 290 times
Troy & Wanda Wilhelm

Guest Speaker

Men's Day 2019

Viewed 288 times
Zachary Barnes

Guest Speaker

Viewed 275 times
Jyothi Reddi

Guest Speaker

Missionary to India

Viewed 457 times
Nick & Meghan Martin

Guest Speaker

(Children: Grayson & Brettley)

Viewed 535 times
Dr. Ken & Trish Bell

Guest Speaker

Pastor & 1st Lady Appreciation


Viewed 660 times
Jimmy D. Smith

Guest Speaker

Viewed 742 times
David Price

Guest Speaker

Viewed 789 times
Dan & Lynn Traxler

Guest Speaker

Men's Day 2018

Viewed 712 times
Jonathan & Audrey Shehane

Guest Musicians

(Children: Phillip, Dwight, Erin)

Viewed 827 times
Harry Widener

Guest Speaker

Grandparents &

Senior Adult Day


Viewed 875 times
Adrian Franklin

Guest Speaker

Youth Explosion 2017

Viewed 886 times
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