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Matthews Church of God Matthews Church of God

Photo Gallery: Special Guests Photo Gallery: Special Guests

Special Guests
Ottis & Gail Gore

Special Singers

Seniors/Grandparent's Day


Viewed 9 times
Garry & Janie Hodges

Guest Singer

Viewed 32 times
The Shepherds

Special Guest Singers

(65th Anniversary)

Viewed 46 times
The Deal Family
Guest Singers
Viewed 54 times
Johnny Sawyer
Guest Speaker
Viewed 51 times
J.J. Watt
"Jesus Painter"
Viewed 51 times
Chad Collins
Guest Speaker
Viewed 57 times
TaRanda Greene
Guest Singer
Viewed 61 times
Matthew Shortridge
Guest Singer
Viewed 64 times
Zachary Barnes
Guest Speaker
Viewed 60 times
C.L. & Wendy Simmons

Guest Speaker

Viewed 164 times
Dan & Myra Carter

Guest Speaker

Pastor & 1st Lady Appreciation


Viewed 165 times
Harry & Kay Clark

Guest Speaker

Viewed 206 times
David West

Guest Chalk/Artist

Viewed 218 times
Pastor Bill Phipps

Guest Speaker

Viewed 247 times
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